Sometimes, when faced with emotional problems, we find comfort in unhealthy behaviours. These behaviours are aimed at increased personal satisfaction, but lead to uncontrollable self-destructive behaviour. We see eating disorders mainly in young girls, although it is becoming more common for this problem to occur in men too.

We can highlight some eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.

If we don’t understand and treat our emotional side, we’ll only be looking at its consequences, which is unlikely to bring any results. Allied to a diet plan with the support of a nutrition professional, at Horizonte Recover we will create the necessary conditions for recovery: a cosy and protected environment, medical monitoring, an appropriate therapeutic plan and the drawing up of a properly structured and monitored life plan.

If you’re looking for help for yourself or would like to help someone dear to you, get in touch with our team and find out what the next steps are.