The use of drugs (drug addiction) continues to be one of the world’s biggest problems. This reality continues to affect thousands of people every day, directly or indirectly.

It’s an unequal struggle in which willpower is often not enough. The drug addiction is a transport vehicle for second diseases to continue to spread, deaths to continue to happen and families to continue to suffer. Drug addiction can be treated, there is no need for this self-destructive process to continue. But more important than stopping is staying stopped

In order to stop using drugs, medical monitoring and supervision are essential. To maintain abstinence, three things are essential: a place with the best conditions, an up-to-date and complete therapeutic programme and a technical team with experience in the field of addictions and who are motivated.

Horizonte Recover brings all of this together with a treatment of maximum effectiveness, maximum comfort and most importantly: results.

Why am I not succeeding?

If you’re not managing on your own, or you can’t help someone close to you, get in touch with our services and clear up all your doubts.

We are a private clinic with the most competitive prices in this field. If you have a drug problem or want to help someone who does, this could be the place for you.